The family must be the great investment of our lives. Investment means time, money and education. For this we need an educational consultant who knows the appropriate schools and educational centres in the UK, Ireland and Germany. Our objective is twofold: that the child is calm and learns.  On the other hand, parents should be calm and know that they have invested in something for the future. It must be an investment that everyone enjoys.

Let us not deceive ourselves, educational investment is a fundamental pillar for our families, that is why we want to bet on the United Kingdom to send our children to places where they really learn.


We also have language immersion training and educational programmes in Germany for all those parents who want to send their little ones to learn German and have a great summer.


So if you are interested in sending your child to Ireland, the UK or Germany, you can be confident that your children will be in the best schools learning the local language, and also creating new
friendships from different places.





Enjoy an unforgettable summer learning or improving your English in a country full of mysticism and breathtaking landscapes. When you go you will understand why Irish culture permeates wherever its emigrants go.  Enjoy Kildare, Cork or Donegal and soak up Celtic culture and dream castles. If you like landscapes with a medieval touch, varied trails and more than 6,000 kilometres of coastline, this is your country.





The English countryside is the ideal place to learn English and enjoy the summer of your
life. Infinite green parks, amazing castles, breathtaking lakes and the beauty of the English countryside are the perfect setting for a unique and incomparable language immersion.


Taking the summer courses for children offered by the summer camps in England is one of the best ways for them to learn English, while enjoying an authentic holiday in a privileged environment.


The UK and the schools we work with are the ideal environment for children and teenagers of all ages, as it is a learning option in which students live together for a short stay or a season with native and international teachers and children.


With a very practical approach, there are leisure and sports activities organized and supervised by the center while practicing the language and living a unique and enriching experience.





Germany has a great variety of cultures and landscapes between its different lánders or regions, where you can find places as beautiful as the Black Forest, Lake Constance, or the Rhine Valley, in
addition to cities of enormous interest, such as Berlin, Hamburg, Freiburg, Hanover, Munich, Frankfur and Cologne. Germany is considered the “land of poets and thinkers”. Ask for information in our contact section to apply for our programs in Germany.